Lets go back in time..

Everyone wishes they could go back and fix the mistakes they made. Well I wish I could go back to freshman year in high school and do way better. One thing would be to be more open to everyone not just your friends because its never bad to make new friends . Take school seriously I had to figure it out the hard way and trust me it makes your life easier !!! The most important thing would be to join clubs and sports because you meet new people and try something new!!!


Help!!Donate!!!Be Aware!!!

Hey friends!! Breaking topic here I bet you all have heard of hurricane sandy and what its been doing to the east coast. What you guys don’t know is how many people its affected !! You guys should consider donating at least a couple dollars  to help. There are different charity’s available to help different problems that the hurricane has caused.

Check it out @ http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=3277



Halloween is coming and you know know what that means Candy, Costumes, and PARTTYY!!!

 Just kidding its on a Wednesday . Haha.

Well I have no idea if people still go looking for candy. I do because I don’t think i will ever outgrow Candy.